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Gaziantep is a considerably important centre in Turkey for ever-growing dried nuts sector around the world. Gaziantep province was founded on fertile land called as “Mesopotamia” in ancient times. The eastern frontier of the province lies through the Euphrates River. Gaziantep is the first known gene centre of pistachios. Thus, numerous food products especially Pistachios are grown on this fertile land. Also, Gaziantep, as a significant commercial and industrial province, provides access to European and African markets. Sirehan, the most important commerce centre of the province in the earlier stages of the Republic Period, keeps its position as commerce centre for pistachios, dried nuts and dried foods for many years. LEZTAT has its origin in these times with its almost century-old experience. LEZTAT, serving in its plant called as Gatem Fistikcilar Sitesi, is an experienced company providing purchase-sell and import-export services of all kinds of dried nuts especially walnuts, pistachios and almonds. It provides product supply for Turkey’s major dried nuts and dried foods brands for years with its professional crew experienced in sales and production. It has been expanding its field of activity by working on import-export in recent years. Also, LEZTAT makes preparations for new future targets by focusing on research and development thanks to its modernist point of view accompanied with years of experience. So that LEZTAT has taken a step to become a brand in dried nuts sector with its registered “Kelebek” brand.
Founded by Nuri and Ali PARCA, Parcaoglu Kuruyemis is a well known company which has produced nuts since 1983 in Denizli, TURKEY. The company has only produced roasted chickpeas until 2000, but then it started to produce various nuts. As a company Parcaoglu Kuruyemis is famous for “roasted chickpeas, sugar-coated chickpeas, chocalate coated chickpeas,chocalate drageed chickpeas, coated peanut, coated hazelnut, sauced cornchips (nacho, ketchup, chicken, cheese sauced), sauced chickpeas, sauced peanuts, dried fruits, various chocalate (pebble dragee, chocolate dragee) and etc.” Located in 3500 m2 areas the company has its own factory on Express way. All of these products are delivered to a lot of cities safely in Turkey via Parcaoglu Kuruyemis. This makes it always be available and reliable. Yet, the company may have connections by means of the port in Antalya. With its high quality and reasonable price, Parcaoglu Kuruyemis becomes a trademark in its field. Also, the company has theworld’s standarts certificates. Parcaoglu Kuruyemis is prefered by other companies at domestic and foreign market.
Our Company is the manufacturer, exporter of nuts and dry fruits in Turkey which provides a distinguishing and reliable service to domestic market and foreign markets in all over the World. Our roots go back to 1986’s as being providers of superior quality nuts. The passion of roasting nuts has started when our founder Huseyin Yilanli began roasting chickpeas in a small facility in Denizli. After the establishment of the Company, Kardelen Kuruyemis has started exporting its products in 2000's. Since that time our company has gone a long way in the field of roasting nuts by producing many innovative new products that were all very well accepted in the market. Kardelen Kuruyemis manufactures all kinds of nuts. We are an expert company in the field of white roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas, flavored chickpeas, pistachios and pistachio kernels, raw or processed hazelnuts, pumpkinseeds, sunflowerseeds, coated and oil roasted peanuts and dried fruits. We are capable of supplying all nut products in all calibers raw or roasted. We also offer a wide variety of coated products such as chocolate chickpeas dragee, peanuts dragee, apricots dragee, raisin dragee and figs dragee. With the same commitment to quality and freshness over 40 years, we will be most pleased to offer our products with compatible prices and timely execution of orders.
We know power of Anatolian’s ground which is very valuable and we proud that has been to be producers of Grape, Apricots, and Fig, from these grounds. Future of world will need to be reachable to good and healthy foods more than last years.But in these times, we see that differences of consumption between people because region or economical problems. In this period, we decided to joining to this food chain in the world and we started with our slogan which is “FARMERS HAS JOINED FORCES in ANATOLIA” We started firstly Raisins , Dried Fig and Dried Apricot farmers together and we sure that others Anatolian farmers will join us at future. We started to selling our products from farmer to customer directly. ” As we have said always ,quality is first for us because health can’t be purchased with money “
Meray nuts was founded in 1978 in Gaziantep - Turkey as a family business. In 1999, the European headquarter was set in Germany, taking the bland to a global perspective. The company combines traditional recipes of the nut and dried fruit processing from Asia with the latest technical possibilities ‚Made in Germany' and the high German quality standards to ensure a homogeneous symbiosis and finally an unique success story of the Brand ‘Meray Nuts’. In close cooperation with its customers Meray expanded its product range in terms of quality and quantity. The high quality standards that the company Meray has, have led and secured through a complete SGS (BRC FOOD- ISO 9001-ISO 22000-IFS-Kosher) quality management. The goal is for our customers to continuous development of our products and our product range and establishing the position of the brand ’ Meray Nuts’ as one of the finest Nut and dried Fruit suppliers worldwide until now in over 30 countries.
Merged with 3 dried nut companies, all established in Eskisehir and experienced over 60 years in industry, Peyman was founded in 1995. Undergoing a branding process since 2001, Peyman has managed to transform from a local player to one of the major brands in Turkish dried nut industry. Reaching out to its consumers with a wide range of products including dried nuts and dried fruits, Peyman distinguishes as an industry leader with its innovative approach. With a precise understanding of its consumers’ demands and quests for new tastes, Peyman unites its products under four main brands namely Bahceden, Citliyo, Dorleo and Nutzz. Peyman always prioritizes high-quality and food safety as a player in global market and a manufacturer at global standards. Peyman holds BRC (British Retail Consortium), FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and Halal Food Certificates at national and international food standards. Peyman’s investments also add value to Turkish dried nut industry. Peyman recently entered into an investment for a large factory in Eskisehir in order to meet increasing demands in national and international markets and to realize innovations. Expected to start manufacturing with full capacity in the first half of 2018, factory is built on a total space of 50.000 m2 with an indoor area of 25.000 m2 and is equipped with 18 silos having production capacity of 45.000 tons and storage capacity of 6.000 tons. Offering its products to Turkish consumers through its widespread network of sales since 1995, Peyman now exports to more than 40 countries reaching gourmets all around the world. Peyman makes its impression across wide global markets from the US, to Russia, from Middle East countries to Australia.
Golden Nuts, which is always a brand of innovations and firsts in the sector, has continuously created a chain of products which is suitable for the taste with new varieties and continiously improving for customers. It has proved to be a powerful player on the global scale in the industry as a flavor giant with its rapidly increasing annual production capacity. Golden Nuts, which always uses the latest technologies and attracts attention with its high quality and competitive products are accepted its trademark by world markets, it creates added value by exporting to dozens of countries today. Golden Nuts hygiene, that works with the principle of healthy products, is always in the first place. Golden Nuts which is following closely the innovations on the world and adapting itself rapidly to these innovations, always produces healthy and excellent tastes with advanced technologies. These products, which come from the combination of experience, expertise, technology and quality, are aiming to summit consumer satisfaction with every taste. Golden Nuts has always been one step ahead of the times with its new investments and advanced technologies, and promises to offer the highest quality products to consumers with its expert quality staff.
Since we have started this business in 1993 in Malatya, we thrive to serve our fruits as natural and as customized as possible in order to get them to treat our customers like doctors. As a result and the success that has been gained over the years we also added dried fig section to our business as well. Since the beginning, we have worked mostly with foreign companies such as companies from Russia , Ukrain , Iran and Israil and we are determined to establish businesses in new markets by taking their realities into consideration .We strongly believe that with our professional mind set and our ethical values in action, we will manage to accomplish this mission. In this sense over the last 10 years we have started business in Moscow and serving countries around Russia Our factory has been established on a closed area of 2000 sqm and 4000 sqm open area. Our annual dried apricot production capacity is 2500 m/ton and dried fig production capacity is 2000 m/ton. We have ISO22000:2005 quality Management system certificate